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How to reduce dust in your house ?

Dust can be found everywhere. It is made of just about everything. Household dust is commonly composed of skin flakes, tiny particles of wood, paint and fabric fibers. High level of dust is not good for health. It can result in allergic reactions ranging from nasal congestion to asthma.

It is impossible to have 0% dust at home but level of dust can be reduced. Here are some proven ways to reduce dust in your home.

1) Clean your duct system.

If you have an air conditioning or air filter unit in your house, you need to clean the duct system. Duct systems contained with a lot of dust and debris. Hire a contractor to clean the furnace or air handler and cooling coil thoroughly. Keep in mind that if you have dirt accumulating on the supply air vents, the cause is most likely duct leaks in the vicinity, not dirt from inside the ducts. A good sealed duct system, with filtration at the inlets, rarely if ever needs cleaning.
At the same time, make sure to get the air filter replaced on a regular basis as recommended by the manufacturer.

2) Use appropriate cleaning equipments.

Use damp rags while dusting the house for all time as they help to attract the gather the dust. Do not use feather dusters and dry rags because they only tend to spread the dust.
Invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter that can absorb dust powerfully. Vacuum regularly especially carpets and those things in your house that are covered with fabric. Remind to service your vacuum to maintain its condition.

3) Bedding, curtains and other fabric materials.

Fabric material is a major dust distributor. Wash bedding covers, curtains and other fabric materials regularly. Beds should be covered with those nylon pee-pee covers to make cleaning easier and to prevent dust mites from infesting the mattress. Sheets, pillows, blankets, curtains and other fabric materials should all be washed in water that is no less than 130 degrees Fahrenheit.
Rotate bedding weekly. Keep your mattress clean by using a washable protective cover. Frequently vacuum both mattress and base to remove fluff and dust, and mop up any stains and spills quickly with a mild soap and cool water.
Always keep your clothing in drawers and keep the closet door closed to reduce the chances of dust settling on your cloths.

4) Use mats at entrance.

Make sure that each entrance of your home is prepared with a mat for everybody to wipe their feet on. If possible, put heavy-duty commercial-style doormats such as tight weave and rubber backs outside of every door used to enter the house.

5) Pets care.

Pet brings dust in a house. If you have a pet at home then bath and brush your pet regularly. And clean the paws of your pet every time it comes back from a walk outside to keep away from the dust with hits paws.

6) Air purifier.

It is worth to purchase a high quality for each room if you are very serious to reduce the amount of dust in your home. The ionic air purifying machines do not require replacement filters and help capture a large amount of dust from the air.

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