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How to dye carpet

Carpet is a thick heavy covering for a floor. It is usually made of woven wool or synthetic fibers. Its vibrant colors and scruffy surface makes your room look elegant. The problem is, after several years it can get stained and faded.

Replacing a new carpet is expensive, but you can dye your old carpet to give it a brand-new look. Dying a carpet is a bit difficult, but your effort can give you a wonderful result at a fraction of the cost of professional services.

To dye a carpet, you will need carpet shampoo, carpet dye, spray bottle, stiff scrubbing brush, plastic, tape, and scrap piece of carpet. Before getting started, it is important to purchase the correct type of dye. Different carpet materials require different dyes. If you do not know what type of materials your carpet is made out of, have a professional take a look at your carpet. Get more than one color therefore you can give your carpet a new look as what you want.

Carry out dyeing process during the day to utilize natural sunlight to dry the carpet and help you to spot potential trouble spots that are not taking a uniform color easily. It is also important to do the new color of a darker shade than that of the original. If the carpet has been too stained for a smooth coloration, there are effects that can be used to help blend color variations into a pattern.

Move all furniture out of the room. Vacuum your carpet. Go over it several times to remove the large particles stuck to it. Once done, clean and wash the carpet with carpet shampoo. Rinse with clean water and let it dry completely. It is very important to make sure the carpet is clean and dry because dye only absorbed evenly in this condition. Meanwhile cover the walls to protect them from the dye.

Mix dye with warm water according to manufacturer directions. Add more water if you want to lighten the coloring solution’s hue. When you have settled on a color, pour the solution in a spray bottle. Spray the dye on a scrap piece of carpet to practice until you are able to get satisfactory results.

Spray the dye in one small portion of the carpet, preferably near an edge. Scrub in the dye with a stiff scrubbing brush using a circular motion to distribute the color evenly. Once you get your desired hue, repeat the same process on a small section of carpet at a time until you have covered the entire carpet. Keep away from spraying too much dye because it can damage the materials. Let the carpet dry completely.

Enjoy your brand-new look carpet! You can prolong the life of the carpet for several years.

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