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How to make citrus potpourri

Potpourri is an aromatic mix of dried plant material. The use of potpourri is nothing new. For centuries, people use potpourri for repelling a room or an area with great smell.

Generally potpourri is also made for decorative use. It is shaped from dried plant materials, but it does not mean that is gets it's scent from the material. Actually most of the times you will find the plant material mix make a wonderful look because of their colorful combination but the smell comes from fragrance oils or spices.

Try making your own citrus potpourri. It is create an uplifting atmosphere. Aromas like lime, lemon, and orange have been known to be refreshing and can also give a wonderful feel.

It is easy to make arrangements of citrus potpourri that look pretty with great fragrance. It also great for gifts! Here are two recipes for making your own citrus potpourri:

Recipe 1: Simple Citrus Potpourri

Make potpourri mix with materials are available to you, so think creatively and adjust the recipe to suit what you can get in your hands. You need any left over used citrus fruits as many as you like, 2-3 cinnamon sticks, 1 tsp cloves spice and enough water. All you have to do is just place all ingredients in a medium pan, cover with water and simmer. As long as you keep water in the pan, the scent can last all day up to 2 days.

Recipe 2: Spring Citrus Potpourri

For ingredients, you need 3 lemons, 5 oranges or tangerines, orange aromatherapy oil, and flowers (orange cedar chips, natural angel wings, albezzia leaves, birch cones and orange star).
To make it, slice lemon and oranges or tangerines into thin slices. Dry out the sliced fruits using a food dehydrator or place them on a wax paper-lined baking pan and place it in the oven on very low heat until it is light brown and has almost no smell.
Place the dried slices and flowers into two glasses or reused plastic containers with tops. Add 5-10 drops of orange essence. Put the top snugly on the container and place it in a dark area for two weeks; shake every few days. When you uncover the potpourri, place it in a small cheese cloth or silk sack to use as drawer fresheners or put in a decorative bowl as an alternative to deodorizers in bathrooms and kitchen.
The scent can be increased by adding more aromatherapy oil. This is the ideal way to revive ageing potpourri mixes. If giving as a gift, tie a large citrus colored bow around the citrus potpourri filled inside a cellophane bag. If wished, add cinnamon sticks to the bow for a complete finished look.

It is not only fun when making potpourri, whether dry or moist, but it is also relaxing when you sit back and enjoy the aroma you have created.

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