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DIY How to Build Solar Panels

It is the right time we all started using solar energy! Actually we are already late! Our planet is getting angrier about our manner towards the nature, weather is changing drastically and it's getting warmer every year. But, if more people would start harnessing this energy from the sun, we could kill two birds with one stone - lower our electricity cost and clean up our planet. All we need to know is how to build solar panels!

The best thing of all is that building solar panels isn't difficult as it sounds! As with all new things we will need some time to be familiarized with the process, but using the right tools and references (internet resources, guidebooks, DIY magazines and articles) we can be taught this in a very short time period.

What should we learn to at the very beginning?

In my opinion, the most important thing is to find a good resource to start our research. If you have zero or very little knowledge about how to build solar panels, but you still have the desire to build them because you are fed up with paying money for the energy when you can have it for free, then you should start by browsing the internet and doing the research on solar power. The fact that you're reading this article means that you're doing the research part right.

The next step is obtaining a good quality manual on solar panels. This is the most important step you have to take. This manual will take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step on your way to sun-powering your house and getting off the grid. Don't be rushed about choosing the correct manual. I would recommend that you focus to the following features that a good manual should have:

  • Straightforward and easy to follow instructions
  • lots of pictures and/or video clips that explain every step in more detail
  • affordable
  • downloadable

With these two main steps under your belt you can start preparing for the magic of DIY to kick in. Get the tools prepared, all the info on where to get cheapest components and take a weekend to set up and assembling your first solar panel. The joy of doing this will be topped only by the pleasure of powering your house with pure sun energy!

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Do It Yourself???

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