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How to Fit a Wall Extractor Fan DIY

Fitting a wall extractor fan can be difference between a bathroom or dry kitchen or one that is prone to moisture and suffers from mold. Actually it is a simple process and the following easy guide will help you through the steps you need to concern.

1) Mark the position you want to fit the extractor fan

The first step is to make a decision where you want to place the extractor fan. Make sure that the outside position has plenty of ventilation and is not too close to the neighbors as you do not want to transfer fumes into their house, also make sure that the outside area is free from obstructions such as rain pipes or soil. Then make sure there are no buried pipes or cables using a cable finder. If you do find any you will need to shift your position slightly so as not to obstruct with them.

2) Drilling the hole

Carefully mark the position on the wall where the extractor fan will be placed ensuring you mark the outside edges or diameter. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure you fulfill with their necessities. Once you have marked, use an electric drill to drill a hole all the way through the centre of the location angling your drill slightly downwards. Then mark the outside position of the extractor fan on the wall with the hole as a guide again using the electric drill to do so. Use a big chisel to remove the waste and a smaller chisel to smooth the hole.

3) Fitting the extractor fan

If you want to hide the cables and conduit, use a small hammer and chisel to cut grooves in the plaster work so they can be buried. On the other hand, you may cover them with plastic conduit which avoids having to re-plaster and decorate. Fit the fan onto the wall as well as the outside grille cover.

4) Connecting the fan

You will require connecting the fan to the electricity supply with some basic wiring so if you are not sure doing this you may need to get an experienced electrician for this part of the work. Once finished you are all done.

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