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How to shampoo carpets

Regular cleaning and maintenance of carpet is very important to increase its lifetime. Deep cleaning becomes a necessary process to fulfill since carpets are highly susceptible to many kinds of stains such as dust, dirt and liquid spills.

Cleaning process should be done at least once a year. You may either take your carpets into a carpet cleaning service or carry out the carpet cleaning process on your own. If you prefer to do it yourself, shampooing the carpet will be the best way out.

Liquid shampooing method does not involve any assistance of an expert. Find out how to shampoo carpets with the given tips and instructions below. Towards the end you will be acquainted with the right method to clean your carpets yourself.

Here is the correct way to shampoo carpets.

You will need:

1) Carpet shampoo
2) Vacuum cleaner
3) Mechanically operated brush

Working instructions:

1) Remove all of the furniture out of the room if possible before shampooing the carpets. If it is not possible, move all of the furniture to one corner of the room. Remove anything that might obstruct the shampooing process.

2) Vacuum the whole carpets thoroughly. Do not skip this process. This is important to get rid of all the loose dirt and make the carpets easy to clean.

3) Read the working instructions on the label of the carpet shampoo. Carefully apply the shampoo on the carpets according to the instructions.

4) Run the mechanically operated brush on the carpets starting from one corner. This brush will work well on the dirty portions by making a foamy solution into the carpet pile. If the carpets have been dirt deeply with grease, you should use a traffic-lane cleaner individually from the shampoo. Increase the amount of the traffic-lane cleaner to clean the extreme stained areas.

5) Once the shampooing process finish, leave the carpets for the night to dry completely.

6) The next day, vacuum the whole carpets thoroughly once again. Now you can walk on your carpets and arrange all the furniture back to its place.
Here are some additional tips to follow:

1) Always wear hand gloves while working with carpet shampoo to keep your hand save from chemical reaction.

2) Always make sure the carpets are fully dry before arranging all the furniture back.

3) Follow closely the carpet manufacturer’s instructions while using the shampoo and the mechanically operated brush.

4) You can use a steamer machine along with shampoo. You can get it along with the cleaning product.

Now you know how to shampoo carpets like a pro.

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