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How to brighten up a boring bathroom

One of the least appreciated rooms in the house is the bathroom. The bathroom is often the last room to get any make-over attention. It is a functional room and can become boring and tired-looking. You can decorate it using vases filled with flowers, printed rugs and towels, and the unmistakable scented candle. But, if you have some hours and a little extra cash, you can lighten up your boring bathroom into a bright and fun space to relax in.

Working with what you've got is the best way. First, clear out all of the lotions, potions and accessories from the bathroom so that you can give it a good clean. You may be surprised at how much this simple act improves the brightness in the room. Throw away any old bathing products and items that you no longer use or need.

Changing the color scheme in your bathroom may costly, but if you can afford it, repaint your bathroom. Most bathrooms are small and do not need more than $50 worth of paint. No matter what color your bathroom suite and tiles may be, painting the walls white will instantly brighten your bathroom. Before you choose your paint color, you have to know what colors will brighten your bathroom. Generally, yellows, light browns, light greens and blues will work well for bathrooms. Use a specially formulated moisture-resistant paint, to help protect the walls. Adding 2 or 3 framed pictures can give a focus to the room away from the obvious shower or bath; you can use cheap frames and paint them yourself or glue on beads, sequins or shells to match the bead curtain.

Colors will be affected by the amount of light that enters your bathroom. For example, if you have a small window that does not let in enough light, you will need even brighter colors to make up for the lack of light. However, if you have a large window that lets in enough light, you can use some other darker colors. If your bathroom does not naturally get enough light, you do not need to put up drapes or curtains.

If you use shower curtain that is looking dingy, you can either wash it with hot water and a little bleach, or replace it with a bright color that will accentuate the rest of the bathroom accessories. For example, if you have iron-wrought fixtures, you can use a taupe-colored or cream-colored shower curtain that will make your bathroom look traditional-mission.

If your bathroom window has frosted glass, there really is no need to have curtains as well. Curtains restrict the light entering the bathroom, and are a magnet for mould. Instead, why not make a simple bead curtain or one incorporating shells or ribbons, and hang this at the window instead. Take a length of thin dowel the same width as your window; using string or thin cord, thread a selection of beads on to lengths of cord the same height as your window. Tie these beaded cords onto the dowel at regular intervals. Fix an adhesive coat hook to each side of the window frame at the top, and sit the dowel on the hooks to hold it in place.

Keeping all your bathroom clutter hidden, or at least stored neatly, will make your bathroom look bigger and cleaner. Plastic crates are the most practical way of holding the plethora of gels, lotions and other grooming accouterments. You can pick colors to match your main bathroom scheme, or use a range of different bright colors and displays them in rows or stacked up as part of the overall decoration.

You can also use rugs and toilet seat covers with printed designs on them. Make sure that the designs don't clash with your shower curtains, and work well with the other components of the room. The best way to decorate is to create harmony within the bathroom. You don't want too many decorations or the bathroom will look cluttered.

For a more natural look, white-painted wood gives a clean finish, and baskets made from woven coir (coconut fiber) are durable and give a rustic feel to the room. If you have pipes that need to be boxed in, consider including some storage shelves and cupboards at the same time. The space beneath a sink unit or at one end of the bath could also be utilized to provide more storage.

By clearing away all the unnecessary hygiene items and storing them in practical and attractive containers or shelving, your bathroom will become much more user-friendly. Adding some bright sparkling accessories and a lick of paint will also help to take the boredom from your bathroom and give you a space fit for pampering yourself.

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