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How to Stack Firewood

Stacking firewood may seem like an easy job and it is. But if you learn how to stack firewood correctly the first time it could help avoid some problems in the future.

The first thing to think about is if the firewood is green, wet or dry. If it's green or wet you will want to stack it in a technique that will allow it to dry quickly. In order to dry the firewood, it is important that it has plenty air flow.

First you will need to settle on where to stack the wood. If it's green or wet the best place to stack it will be out in the open where it will be exposed to the sun and wind. If it's dry a shed or covered area will be best. If you don't have a covered structure to stack it in a tarp or other cover will work.

You will want to stack your wood on something that keeps it away from the ground. Wood will absorb moisture from soil contact and it can encourage mold and decay. Not to mention the dirt will stick to the wood and make a mess. You can stack it on a concrete slab or on a pallet, tarp, plywood, or anything to keep it off the ground. A common way is to place two parallel boards, poles or similar objects on the ground and stack the wood on top and upright to them.

Begin stacking the wood and put the pieces parallel to each other and fit the pieces together as neatly as you can to make sure a stable stack. If you don't have stakes or something to stack against you can criss cross the pieces on the ends in the style of a log cabin so you can have perpendicular ends. It's usually best to not load your firewood more than 4 feet high or it could become unbalanced and fall over.

If your wood is wet or green it will shrink as it dries. It's common for the stack to start to lean to the side that dries the fastest which will usually be the side facing the sun. It can help if you make your stack a little away from the sun to compensate.

If your wood is dry you can stack it in a shed or under cover. It's best if the structure is ventilated to allow air flow. If you cover it with a tarp make sure you don't cover the whole pile all the way to the ground. This will hold in any moisture that may get in or that the wood absorbs from the air. Not only will this keep the wood from drying but can encourage mold.

Stacking firewood is a pretty easy job and there really isn't a right or wrong way to do it but hopefully these few tips may help you find the way that suits you best.

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