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How To Make Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are presented with personalization, and give you not just one gift to open, but tons of little ones. The best gift baskets are organized around a theme so don't hold back in creativity department. A great gift basket should be as much fun to make as it is to receive. Here are some tips to make Gift Baskets:

1) Set a Budget

Gift baskets can be a thrifty gift-giving option, but the cost of all those little contents can add up quickly. Make sure to set an overall budget that includes the gift basket's contents, the basket itself and any ribbons or wrapping materials you plan on using.

2) Choose a Theme and Purchase Gifts

3) Pick a Basket or Container

Just because it's called a "gift basket" doesn't mean you actually need to use a basket to put all your gifts in. Consider an alternative container based on the theme you've selected, or hunt around the house for anything that can hold your purchases. Try one of the following:
1. Bowl
2. Ice Bucket
3. Watering Can
4. Wrapped Box
5. Flower Pot
6. Colander

4) Assemble Your Basket

You've done the personalization part by selecting your theme and gift items. Now it's time to work on your presentation.

You'll Need:

* Container or Basket
* Filling for the Basket (Tissue Paper, Newspaper, Raffia, Fabric, Etc.)
* Small Gifts and Foodstuffs (Basket's Contents)
* Cellophane Bag or Wrap
* Ribbon or a Bow
* Scissors
* Scotch Tape

Work Instructions:

Assembling a gift basket isn't a terribly complicated endeavor. You're putting a bunch of little things into a bigger thing. Nevertheless, here a few tips from the professionals on how to make your basket look its very best:

1. Buy your gift items before choosing your basket. You don't want your basket to be overstuffed or too empty so assemble your items before selecting a container.

2. Select a few centerpiece items. Choose a couple of tall, heavier items to place towards the back of the basket.

3. Use crumpled paper or fabric to make your basket look fuller. Put a filler at the bottom of your basket to prop up the gift items. You can use something decorative like raffia or something related to the basket's theme like crumpled up comic book pages for a child's basket.

4. Create a wall at the back of your basket with tall, heavy items. Use the wall to prop up smaller items in the front.

5. Fill in empty space with small items. Buy some small items or chocolates to fill in any gaps in your basket.

6. Use cellophane to wrap the basket. Be sure you have a long enough roll of cellophane to pull over the entire basket and bunch at the top.

7. Use the right size ribbon or bow. You don't want to overwhelm a small basket with a big bow or have a tiny bow on a huge basket.

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